Architectural and Museum Showcase Glass Installation

High-quality glass installation is an integral part of any European Standard Museum Showcase. Special consideration must be taken when choosing the correct glass depending on the artifacts or artwork being displayed, the environmental factors, item security, safety and the viewing comfort of the visitors.

European Museum Technology’s EMT museum standard showcase glass and architectural glass solutions have been trusted by conservation and fine art professionals, exhibit designers and architects around the world to protect and display the most celebrated works of art in the world. EMT ensures its’ showcases meet superior aesthetic and conservation standards by providing maximum ultraviolet protection, resistance to abrasion, anti-reflective, anti-static and shatter-resistant museum-grade laminated glass products in all its showcases.

Glass Transport and Installation

Over the past twenty-years, EMT has also established a solid reputation for transporting and installing architectural glass. Architects and mechanical engineers from around the world request the expertise of Gerhard Mayer and his engineering team to coordinate large scale glass installation projects for Cultural Centres, Airports, Art Galleries and Museums. EMT can safely transport coordinate and install glass projects of all sizes, safely and efficiently.

Museum Showcase parts suppliers
EMT has been working closely with Manfred Frank systems since 1998.

Heavy Duty Concealed Glass Hinges

For the most sophisticated interior glass installations to the most challenging exterior access solutions, European Museum Technology uses Manfred Frank hardware. Widely used internationally and accepted as the industry standard for premium heavy-duty loads, The Manfred Frank range of concealed hinges are designed to perform to the highest standards from safety and aesthetic standpoint.

EMT has been working closely with Manfred Frank systems since 1998.
Manfred Frank has designed award-winning products and systems for over 30 years. Its widely-acclaimed panel hinge systems and fittings have set new standards for concealed panel hinges worldwide. Its products’ performance and functionality come from extensive research and development, proven engineering principles and certified testing. EMT has been working closely with Manfred Frank systems since 1998.