To meet European Museum Standards and protect the integrity of artifacts, museum showcases must pass air exchange tests. Air exchange tests ensure showcases only allow for a 10% air exchange over 24 hours.

Temperature changes in the museum environment due to fluctuating lighting and heating levels over 24 hours cause a change in air pressure to otherwise sealed museum showcases. Generally, museum showcases are never completely airtight. Due to this fluctuating air pressure, to minimize contamination from outside elements such as dust particles and humidity, it is deemed reasonable that a limit of 10% air exchange between the inside of the showcase and the outer museum environment be allowed. Special gaskets are used to control airflow and when necessary, humidity is controlled mechanically or statically using silica cartridges.

European Museum Technology

In order to meet the European Museum Standard, we at EMT have to take the air exchange test serious. Our fully committed (Danish) test subject will be placed into the showcase safely. If he is not unconscious within 10 to 12 minutes, there may still be an air leak and further work is required.

NOTE: No Danes were injured or actually put in harms way during testing

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