European Museum Technology Museum Showcase Fabrication



European Museum Technology has been working with museum curators, exhibit designers and private collectors around the world for over 20 years.

European Museum Technology (EMT) takes a holistic approach to all their projects. From planning, concept modelling, lighting design, environmental control, modifications, quality control, documentation, testing, logistics, to long-term asset management, they ensure their client’s peace of mind that their project or exhibition is in the best hands possible.

From the moment an idea for a museum, national library exhibition or private collection is born, a wide variety of talent is assembled to realise the vision of the curator or exhibition designer. Architects, engineers, fabricators and installers are enlisted to transform that vision into a reality, ensuring all security and safety measures are in place to protect the assets and the public.

With over two decades experience working with a multitude of cultures and international resources, EMT has proven itself a valuable partner and an integral part of the exhibition development process.