PROJECT: Old Quad | Melbourne University
Melbourne | Australia

Old Quad Museum

Old Quad | Melbourne University
Melbourne | Australia
European Museum Technology

Old Quad is a museum and events space in Melbourne and the original home to The University of Melbourne. Constructed in 1856, The Old Quad is the University’s oldest building and is considered one of Melbourne’s most beautiful and popular heritage-listed landmarks.

The exhibit designers approached EMT to design and fabricate seven museum showcases to use in rotation for an ongoing series of temporary exhibitions.

Each exhibition runs for six to twelve months, so the showcases are often moved around and stored when unused.

The latest exhibition provides a glimpse into the everyday life of the Greek and Roman worlds. It includes artifacts of everyday, ritual and luxury goods from the University of Melbourne’s Archaeology Collection.

Each showcase has a custom-fabricated cover to protect stored and transported units during exhibition changeovers.
A Mini Clima humidity control unit, was installed in every showcase to ensure the long-term preservation of the artifacts.
The showcases pictured after transport from storage ready to be equipped with fibre optic lighting.