Museum Showcase Auditing Services

European Museum Technology (EMT) offers an exclusive, comprehensive museum showcase auditing program to museums and galleries throughout the world.

Museum Showcases represent a substantial investment for museums and art galleries and factor in as a significant asset in the overall value of the exhibition. They are meticulously engineered and designed to preserve and protect the artifacts and provide the best viewing environment for the public in the safest possible conditions. The enduring value of any museum showcase relies on the fact that the display unit is consistently functioning as initially designed and engineered.

European Museum Technology Museum Showcase Auditing

Over time, through regular use or exceptional circumstances, the operational level of a museum showcases tends to deteriorate. Seals and hardware start to wear, environmental mechanisms such as temperature and humidity controls become less efficient, and the overall preservation qualities and public-safety standards can become compromised. 

This deterioration process not only undermines the value of the showcases themselves, but it jeopardizes the preservation qualities of the artifacts it is protecting and can create an unsafe viewing environment for the exhibit visitors. 

This unnoticed deterioration can create unnecessary safety liabilities for the museum or art gallery.

The Museum Showcase Auditing Program offered by European Museum Technology brings to light any inconsistencies regarding your showcase performance through a rigorous scheduled inspection process. During this process, each showcase is examined and evaluated in over thirty key points. Each inspection point is graded, and repair or maintenance recommendations are provided in a detailed report, complete with timeline suggestions depending on the level of urgency.

European Museum Technology refurbishes museum showcases to european standards

The information provided in the detailed report or passport becomes a permanent record of the specific showcase. The maintenance and value details for each showcase offers invaluable information for museum management in their decision-making process when scheduling maintenance and allocating resources to showcases and exhibits. Executive-level staff use showcase reports when making critical fiscal reports, creating budgets and carrying out the museums’ asset management.

European Museum Technology provides its museum showcase auditing program for all museum showcases, display units and architectural glass installations, regardless of make, model or fabricator.

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