Museum Showcase
Auditing Services

European Museum Technology (EMT) introduces an exclusive and comprehensive program designed specifically for the auditing of museum showcases, serving institutions worldwide.

Museum showcases play a pivotal role in the value of exhibitions and represent significant investments for institutions. Diligently engineered and designed, they ensure the protection and preservation of valuable artifacts, creating an immersive and secure viewing experience. However, over time, showcases may experience a decline in operational efficiency due to regular use or unforeseen circumstances.

European Museum Technology Museum Showcase Auditing

Recognizing the paramount importance of maintaining showcases at peak performance, EMT has developed a methodical auditing program. This program aims to identify and rectify any deterioration, guaranteeing the longevity and effectiveness of the showcases.

Through detailed inspections, our team of experts evaluates over thirty critical points, conducting a comprehensive examination of each showcase to provide an accurate assessment.

Following the rigorous inspection process, a comprehensive report is generated, delivering profound insights and recommendations. Each inspection point is graded, highlighting areas requiring repair or maintenance. Moreover, the report includes a timeline for recommended actions, enabling institutions to prioritize and plan necessary improvements based on urgency.
European Museum Technology refurbishes museum showcases to european standards

The program also aids institutions in managing potential liabilities stemming from unnoticed deterioration. Leveraging EMT’s expertise, museums and galleries can proactively maintain showcases, extending their lifespan and enhancing the visitor experience.

With EMT’s unwavering commitment to excellence, precision, and cultural heritage preservation, institutions can entrust us with safeguarding their valuable collections. Partnering with EMT enables museums and galleries to protect their assets while providing a secure and captivating environment for visitors to engage with and appreciate the exhibits.