European Standard Museum Showcases and Display Cases

European Museum Technology (EMT) designs, engineers, manufactures and maintains European standard museum showcases and display cases for museums, art galleries and private collectors worldwide.

European Museum Technology provides Museum Standard showcase fabrication, auditing and maintenance for renown museums around the world.
European standard museum showcases are engineered and designed to present, preserve and protect precious art, artifacts, jewellery and collectables so they can be appreciated in the most suitable environment possible. Effective museum showcases and display cases are designed to present the items in a timeless, minimalist and aesthetically pleasing manner.
Maintaining a perfect balance between offering optimum viewing accessibility, protecting the precious items from exterior elements and ensuring long-term preservation is paramount when engineering the perfect museum showcase. Whether the museum showcases are specifically designed for a permanent exposition or part of a temporary exhibit, only the highest quality materials are used in manufacturing.
Considerations for humidity, ultra-violet radiation and security protection are all considered before the showcases are manufactured using the highest quality steel, aluminium and laminated, non-reflective glass in the construction process. A well-engineered and manufactured showcase or display unit will provide decades of viewing pleasure while delivering the protection and dignity your valuable items deserve.
EMT has designed custom European museum standard showcases and display cases worldwide for over two decades.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, the EMT engineers are renowned for their ability to work with museum curators, exhibit designers and private collectors to transform their initial concept or vision into reality in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

The European Museum Technology manufacturing facility is agile by design and intentionally designed to simultaneously accommodate large orders and smaller, more unique and complex projects. This innate ability to adapt to exceptional circumstances and individual requirements has earned the confidence of many long-term customers from around the globe.

In addition to museum showcase engineering, design and manufacturing, EMT offers regular showcase and display case maintenance services and works with museum designers to re-purpose existing showcases. These services extend the life of existing showcases while minimising materials discarded in landfills, often resulting in cost savings for the museum.