Architectural and Museum
Showcase Glass Installation

High-quality glass installation is a vital component in European standard museum showcases. With careful consideration for the displayed artifacts, environmental conditions, item security, visitor safety, and viewing comfort, the chosen glass must effectively preserve and protect the exhibited items while accommodating environmental factors. The selected glass should also provide security measures and enhance the viewing experience by offering clarity and minimizing reflections.

EMT’s architectural glass installations have earned the trust of conservation and fine art professionals, exhibit designers, and architects worldwide.

Renowned for their ability to protect and display the world’s most celebrated works of art, EMT showcases adhere to superior aesthetic and conservation standards. Their showcases feature museum-grade laminated glass products with maximum ultraviolet protection, abrasion resistance, anti-reflective properties, antistatic features, and shatter-resistant capabilities. With these advanced glass solutions, EMT ensures that the artworks within their showcases are safeguarded and presented in the most secure and visually appealing manner.

European standard museum display cases glass installation

Glass Transport and Installation

With a remarkable track record spanning two decades, EMT has garnered a strong reputation in the transportation and installation of architectural glass. Renowned architects and mechanical engineers from across the globe specifically seek out the expertise of Gerhard Mayer and his skilled engineering team to oversee large-scale glass installation projects for prestigious venues such as Cultural Centres, Airports, Art Galleries, and Museums. EMT possesses the capability to safely transport, coordinate, and efficiently install glass projects of any magnitude, ensuring the utmost precision and professionalism in every endeavor.

Heavy Duty Concealed Glass Hinges

EMT has been working closely with Manfred Frank systems since 1998.

European Museum Technology relies on Manfred Frank hardware for both intricate interior glass installations and demanding exterior access solutions. Recognized globally and acknowledged as the benchmark for superior heavy-duty loads, the Manfred Frank range of concealed hinges is widely embraced as the industry standard. These hinges are meticulously designed to deliver exceptional performance, ensuring the highest standards of safety and aesthetics. By utilizing Manfred Frank hardware, European Museum Technology upholds its commitment to excellence in every aspect of their glass installations.

EMT has been working closely with Manfred Frank systems since 1998.
With a remarkable history of over three decades, Manfred Frank has been the visionary behind the creation of exceptional products and systems. Their panel hinge systems and fittings have gained global recognition, establishing new benchmarks for concealed panel hinges. Through meticulous research, proven engineering principles, and rigorous testing, Manfred Frank has consistently delivered products with outstanding performance and functionality. EMT has fostered a strong partnership with Manfred Frank since 1998, working closely together to ensure the integration of their innovative systems into their projects.