PROJECT: Dangrove Art Storage
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Free-standing, Self-supporting, Frameless Glass Display Case for Dangrove Art Storage

Dangrove Art Storage
Sydney, NSW, Australia
European Museum Technology

Judith Neilson opened the Dangrove Art Storage in 2009 to showcase what has become one of the world’s most significant collections of Chinese contemporary art.

The Artist: Liu Wei – Conceptual Artist
Liu Wei is a Chinese artist based in Beijing. He works in various media – video, installation, drawing, sculpture, and painting.

Art Piece: Over

Over is the latest installment of the artist’s Microworld 3 series.

“Through a glass vitrine, viewers see extremely lightweight aluminum sheets entwined in a winding biomorphic form that revolves around a central “core” and radiates outward. The flexibility of aluminum situates the work at the boundary between hard and soft, making it appear to be constantly expanding yet self-completing. The “skin-like” texture of its sculptural surface marks a continuation of the artist’s concerns with the bodily metaphor.”

Art Forum – Jan 2021

Showcase Requirements:

Liu Wei’s enormous sculpture “Over” was to be positioned in the centre of Dangroves’ great room. The minimalist display case was to be wholly self-supported and provide an unincumbered viewing experience, free of frames or visible supporting structures.

In addition to providing the necessary protection for the sculpture, with the artist’s direction, the showcase was to become an extension of the art piece.

While the overall design of the showcase had to be completely clear of hardware or any elements that distracted from the sculpture itself, it was also necessary to permit easy access for periodic maintenance and cleaning.


European Museum Technology (EMT) is well known globally for its capacity to design and create large-scale museum-quality display cases.

The components for the large display case were fabricated at the Melbourne facility and transported to Sydney for final installation.

The flawlessly even lighting on the ceiling of the display case was accomplished by applying an extendible flex fabric technique over an LED lighting system to diffuse the light consistently from edge to edge and corner to corner.

The large glass panels support the top section of the showcase with the lighting system, giving the viewer the impression the lighting system is floating over the sculpture.

Despite weighing over 300 kilograms, maintenance personnel can easily open a sliding glass panel single-handedly.

The free-standing, self-supporting, frameless glass display case offered over 180 square meters of unencumbered viewing experience by seamlessly merging light, sculpture and enclosure into one visual art experience.