European museum-quality showcase repairs and refurbishing

European Museum Technology (EMT) repairs and refurbishes museum showcases to perform to the standards they were initially engineered for, as well as updates showcases to today’s European museum standards.

As museum showcases and display units get older, their preservation components can deteriorate through long term use or accidents. Small repairs must be acted upon before they become more significant or weaken other aspects of the showcase. Additionally, as new museum technology is continually evolving, new opportunities can be explored during repairs to improve the performance of the museum showcase, better preserving the artifacts or artwork and enhancing the viewing experience. Museums often elect to change the colour, design and overall appearance during refurbishment to reflect a newer, fresher presentation. This process results in a European museum standard showcase with an extended lifespan, introducing significant new value to the overall exhibit.

European Museum Technology (EMT) has been repairing, refurbishing and upgrading museum showcases and display units for over twenty years. Depending on nature, the repair, upgrade or refurbishment required, servicing can be completed either on-site or in the factory. EMT has the expertise, transportability and the facilities to complete repairs to all makes and models of museum showcases in a cost-effective and efficient manner, leaving you with a rejuvenated, European museum standard showcase with many more years of service to give.