PROJECT: National Gallery of Victoria
Melbourne, Australia

Architectural Glass Installation

National Gallery of Victoria
Melbourne, Australia
European Museum Technology

JR is a French artist and photographer best known for his large-scale urban interventions and monumental photographic collages. He exhibits on walls and streets worldwide and often allows the public to assist with his street artwork projects.

JR’s project presented during the National Gallery of Victoria’s 2020 Triennial, Homily to Country, is an ambitious multi-part artwork comprising portrait photography, documentary footage and an architectural glass installation to draw global attention to the ecological decline of the Darling River system.

The Artistic Glass Panels were supplied by Axolotl.

The 400 kilogram panels with a lead glass effect were framed by EMT, positioned and attached to the scaffolding structure using specialised Quattrolifts glass transport and installation equipment.

NGV’s Senior Curator of Contemporary Design and Architecture, Ewan McEoin, introduces the work and discusses the significance of how portrait photography was used in the project.