Museum Showcase
And Exhibit Lighting

In the engineering, design, and manufacturing process of museum showcases, the inclusion of suitable exhibit lighting is of utmost importance. A thoroughly planned and museum-quality lighting system plays a vital role in enhancing the viewer’s experience by precisely accentuating the texture, shape, and color of the artifact while keeping the focus solely on the object at hand. Achieving effective showcase lighting entails carefully selecting appropriate lighting equipment based on factors such as the desired beam angle, mounting height, object size, and display position. This process requires striking a balance between visibility and environmental considerations to ensure optimal visibility while preserving the integrity of the artifacts.

Museum Showcase Lighting

EMT provides a comprehensive selection of showcase lighting solutions for both interior and exterior exhibits. These lighting products are specifically designed to have a minimal impact on the display while harmonizing with the surrounding light environment. 

They collaborate closely with esteemed lighting companies, including Luxam Lighting in France, to meet the specific lighting requirements of museum exhibits. Luxam Lighting offers museum-quality fibre optic and LED lighting that is engineered to deliver optimal light for viewer comfort while minimizing heat generation that could potentially damage the artifacts. Through these strategic partnerships, EMT ensures that their showcase lighting solutions create an immersive and visually captivating experience for museum visitors while preserving the integrity of the displayed items.

EMT offers European museum standard lighting solutions that cater to various needs, whether you are designing a new museum showcase or repurposing an existing display case or exhibit. These lighting solutions are meticulously designed to showcase your presentation in the most favourable and optimal light. By leveraging EMT’s expertise and European museum standards, you can be confident that your exhibits will be illuminated in a way that enhances their visual impact and captivates the viewers.