Free-standing Museum Display Cases

European Museum Technology has built a reputation
for its tailor-built free-standing museum display cases

A free-standing museum display case is an independent structure that showcases artifacts or exhibits. It is not attached to walls or other surfaces, providing flexibility in positioning within a museum or exhibition space. These cases typically feature all glass panels for maximum visibility from all angles and protection, controlled lighting, and climate control to preserve the displayed items.

Independently Elegant

Minimalist frameless design:

A free-standing museum display case boasts a minimalist, frameless design, ensuring that the focus remains on the showcased artifacts. The absence of a visible framework contributes to a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Large glass panels for an unencumbered viewing experience:

Large glass panels enhance the viewing experience by providing an unobstructed and comprehensive look at the displayed items. This design choice allows visitors to appreciate the details of the artifacts without visual hindrances.

Discrete Glass Panel Doors

Discrete glass panel doors seamlessly integrate into the museum display, offering a minimalist aesthetic. Electric locks ensure effortless access, eliminating the need for ladders during maintenance and exhibition changes, streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency in exhibit management.

Flawless Diffused Overhead Lighting

Free-standing display cases often employ flawless diffused overhead lighting to illuminate the artifacts. This lighting setup ensures even and shadow-free illumination, enhancing visibility and highlighting the details of the exhibited items.

Hidden Wiring

Concealed wiring is integral to the design, maintaining a clean and uncluttered appearance. The hidden wiring contributes to the aesthetics and ensures safety and functionality without compromising the display’s visual appeal.

Free Standing Display cases Can Be Engineered to Any Size

Flexibility is a crucial feature as these display cases can be engineered to accommodate varying sizes of artifacts or exhibits. This adaptability allows for a customised approach, catering to the specific dimensions and requirements of the items on display.

Easily Disassembled for Storage

An added convenience is the ability to disassemble the display case, facilitating easy storage when not in use. This feature is particularly useful for museums or exhibition spaces with changing displays and optimising space management.

Smaller Floor Units Designed for Easy Transport

Smaller floor units are designed for easy transport and are often equipped with pallet jack compatibility. This ensures a practical and efficient means of relocating or repositioning the display units within the museum or exhibition space as needed.