PROJECT: M+ Museum
Hong Kong

Free-standing Museum Display Case | M+ Museum

M+ Museum
Hong Kong
European Museum Technology

This bespoke museum display case, tailored for the M+ Museum in Hong Kong, stands independently at 1.45m x 3m. Crafted, assembled, and engineered at EMT’s Braeside facility, it was transported to the museum for reassembly. The frameless, minimalist, self-supporting unit features four glass panels, each equipped with concealed flexible seals, safeguarding items from dust. Passive humidity controllers ensure protection against moisture.

An oversized panel serves as the door, featuring electric locks for convenient access without the need for ladders. The base, designed with removable panels, facilitates easy transportation of the 766-kilogram case using a pallet jack during exhibition changeovers.

The elegant lighting system, arranged in a nine-square pattern, utilizes UV-stable LED lighting with Plexiglass Satin Ice covers. This design ensures consistent, diffused light, shielding collectibles from harmful rays. The discreet wiring system in the unit’s corners eliminates exposed wiring above the display case.

The electrical locking system eliminates the need for climbing ladders when opening display case during maintenance and exhibit changeovers.
The lighting system, using LED Lighting and Plexiglas Satin Ice Covers provides perfectly diffused light, while protecting the collectibles from harmful UV rays.
The removable skirting panels in the base facilitate the convenient transport of the assembled display case during exhibit changeovers.