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European Museum Technology (EMT) is an Australian company specializing in showcase design, research and development, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance for the museum industry. With a focus on excellence and innovation, EMT offers comprehensive solutions to meet the unique needs of museums. They provide high-quality showcases that create an optimal display environment for valuable artifacts. Trust EMT as your reliable partner for all showcase-related services.

With extensive global experience spanning over 20 years in the industry, EMT possesses a deep understanding and profound respect for the distinctive demands and requirements of this specialized field.

European Museum Technology (EMT) is wholly committed to the museum platform, taking pride in their vast knowledge and expertise in the design and manufacturing of showcases and cabinets. With a strong dedication to extensive research and development, they continuously strive to exceed customer expectations by creating showcases that not only meet all specifications and requirements but also go above and beyond in terms of quality and innovation.

Gerhard Mayer

Gerhard Mayer


Gerhard Mayer holds a degree in mechanical engineering and has a strong trade background. He has over 20 years of hands-on experience working with curators, architects, designers and contractors. Today he successfully manages the entire project from design to installation.

He was first introduced to museums in 1998, and later in 2002, he relocated to Europe to set up the Manfred Frank Showcase Systems. He has since been engineering, consulting, fabricating and managing iconic projects in Europe, the Middle East and southeast Asia.

Gerhard leads a strong team with an international reputation. EMT is a highly specialized—yet nimble enterprise—that easily adapts to different circumstances and working environments.

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Dieter Colman

Head of engineering

As EMT’s Head of Engineering Dieter plays a central role in turning our clients most ambitious goals into reality, merging the possible with the impossible and ensuring that every piece that leaves our production floor exceeds operational and safety requirements.

Dieter holds Bachelor Degrees in both Engineering and Computer Sciences and has 20 years of experience across disciplines that include product design and prototyping, industrial automation, injection moulding and design automation. He is also an expert user of Siemens NX software, creating customised programs to operate within the 3D CAD environment, and is a certified SolidWorks Professional designer.

In his client facing roles Dieter has delivered projects for international companies such as Samsonite, Philips Lighting, Donaldson, Philips Displays and many others. These projects typically requires leadership to integrate the engineering and design requirements and deliver a prototype manufactured using state of the art production techniques.

European Museum Technology is proud of our professionalism and international expertise. We remain grateful for the many clients who have so generously shown faith in our expertise whilst also teaching us, as we teach them. European Museum Technology prides itself on studiously educating ourselves on the latest trends and technology. Our research and development keep pace with all international showcase engineering and innovations

Gerhard Mayer