Custom-designed Museum Showcases

Creating custom-designed museum showcases involves collaborating with architects and museum exhibit designers to engineer and fabricate unique display cases that surpass conventional manufacturing practices to create an extraordinary visitor experience.

Architects and exhibit designers have distinct visions for the look and feel of their exhibitions. They bring all their creativity and expertise to shape immersive and visually captivating museum experiences. Their unique perspectives enrich the storytelling and ambience of each showcase.

These unique visions often necessitate specialized engineering and fabrication practices to create custom-designed museum showcases that faithfully execute their artistic vision while protecting the integrity of the artifacts.

Engineering and custom fabrication of the custom-designed museum showcases demand meticulous attention to factors such as the exhibit space’s unique architecture, precise placement, lighting, environmental conditions, and special design features surpassing typical showcase manufacturing considerations.

EMT has over twenty years of experience creating custom-designed museum showcases.

With over twenty years of experience, The European Museum Technology (EMT) team has earned a solid reputation with architects, exhibit designers and curators for their execution of unique projects in museums, private collections and cultural centres worldwide. Their engineering expertise and material knowledge, combined with an international network of suppliers, give their designing collaborators the confidence that their unique visions will be realized as intended and result in extraordinary, immersive and visually captivating museum experiences.

EMT is agile by design

The Melbourne-based manufacturing facility is agile by design  to accommodate large orders and smaller, more unique and complex projects simultaneously. This innate ability to scale provides EMT clients a high level of personal service through every stage of the museum’s showcase production. From initial prototyping to producing one, ten or more showcases, EMT’s clients are always confident their projects are built to European Museum Standards and will be delivered on time with their initial museum experience vision intact.

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