PROJECT: Melbourne Holocaust Museum
Melbourne, Australia

Wall-mounted museum showcases | Melbourne Holocaust Museum

Melbourne Holocaust Museum
Melbourne, Australia
European Museum Technology

The Melbourne Holocaust Museum is an award-winning museum and education centre that houses a collection of eyewitness testimonies, historical documents and artefacts from the Holocaust.

The immersive exhibition takes museum visitors through the storied pasts of various Holocaust survivors displaying documents, photos and precious artifacts.

The exhibition curators called upon the engineers at European Museum Technology to design, fabricate and install six steel and glass wall-mounted museum showcases, including four cavity cases and two glass showcases or hoods on the exhibit’s walls among the photos and documents.

Although the cases were small in stature, the security and preservation of the priceless artifacts were paramount concerns. Therefore, EMT reinforced the steel-framed display cases with security screws and sealed the units to protect the artifacts from dust.

The steel-framed glass showcases were equipped with seal protection and security screws to ensure the utmost protection of the artifacts
The team at EMT meticulously fastened the sealed to reinforced and sealed wall plates.
The manufacturing facility in Braeside is purposely designed to accommodate the fabrication of showcases of all sizes. The technician is perfecting the wall mount to secure the glass hoods.