Museum Display Cases and Museum Showcases

Museum display cases and showcases serve two distinct purposes in presenting artifacts, artworks, products and collectables.

Museum display cases are versatile and can be found in various settings, including museums, retail stores, and homes, to exhibit a wide range of items. They come in diverse styles and sizes, with glass panels to protect and display objects. In contrast, museum showcases are purpose-built for the exclusive use of museums and galleries, primarily designed to exhibit valuable or historically significant pieces. Museum showcases often incorporate advanced technologies to maintain optimal conditions for preservation and aesthetics.

While museum display cases can be found in museums, they are not exclusive to these institutions. They are versatile and commonly used in retail stores to exhibit merchandise, in educational settings to showcase scientific specimens, and even in homes to display collectibles. 

These cases typically utilize tempered glass and come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different items. While display cases may incorporate security features, they do not prioritize the same level of environmental control and security as museum showcases.

Museum display cases are often used for trophies

Museum-grade showcases, however, take technology further and are custom-built for museums and galleries, providing a controlled environment for fragile or valuable artifacts. They are equipped with technologies to maintain specific temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions, ensuring the preservation of the items on display. For instance, climate control systems regulate temperature and humidity to prevent deterioration, while advanced lighting systems create ideal viewing conditions. 

Museum showcases often include specialized UV filtering to shield against harmful ultraviolet light. Security features, such as reinforced glass and alarm systems, are often used for additional protection.

The primary distinction between museum display cases and museum showcases lies in their intended use and the level of technology applied. The engineers at European Museum Technology can help you and your team decide which option is right for you.