Design, Engineering, Prototyping and Custom Fabrication

European Museum Technology (EMT) has been providing engineering, prototyping, installation and project management services to an international community for a wide variety of iconic cultural buildings and corporate flagship projects for over two decades.

The realization of complex architectural visions and abstract ideas requires precise engineering, detailed planning and disciplined execution. EMT’s design and manufacturing centre, strategically located in Melbournes industrial suburb of Braeside, is designed to optimize the engineering to fabrication process with the engineering department and manufacturing facility under one roof.

European Museum Technology MONA Museum

Flexible by nature, the fabrication facility is designed to produce both one-off projects or large orders, depending on the needs of the client. Located in an industrial hub, twenty-five kilometres from Melbourne’s centre, EMT has ready access to necessary suppliers and transport facilities, therefore reducing costly delays. Add in the correct amounts of creativity and experience, and you can be assured your project is completed as you had envisioned, on time and budget.

EMT has the experience, facilities and global resource network to turn your vision into reality. The European Museum Technology engineering team takes your ideas, turns them into properly developed engineering plans, builds prototypes and manages your project from conception to delivery; taking care of every detail along the way.