Design, Engineering, Prototyping
And Custom Fabrication

For over two decades, European Museum Technology (EMT) has been a trusted provider of engineering, prototyping, and fabrication services to a global community. EMT has successfully contributed to numerous iconic cultural buildings and corporate flagship projects, establishing a strong reputation for their expertise in this field.

EMT recognizes that translating complex architectural visions and abstract ideas into reality necessitates meticulous engineering, thorough planning, and disciplined execution. To optimize the process from engineering to fabrication, EMT has established a state-of-the-art design and manufacturing center in the strategic location of Braeside, Melbourne. This centralized facility brings together the engineering department and manufacturing facility under one roof, enabling seamless coordination and efficient workflow throughout the entire process. By integrating these key components, EMT ensures precise execution and maximizes the potential for turning innovative designs into tangible structures.

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Leveraging their expertise in engineering, prototyping, and fabrication, along with their comprehensive facilities and global resource network, EMT possesses the capability to transform your vision into a tangible reality with exceptional precision and efficiency. The skilled engineering team at EMT takes your ideas and translates them into meticulously developed engineering plans. They then proceed to build prototypes and oversee every aspect of your project, from inception to final delivery, ensuring that every detail is meticulously managed and executed to perfection. With EMT as your partner, you can trust that your project will be handled with utmost care and expertise, resulting in a successful realization of your vision.

Engineering Prototyping and Fabrication
Engineering Prototyping and Fabrication
Engineering Prototyping and Fabrication

The fabrication facility at EMT is inherently adaptable, capable of producing both individual custom projects and large-scale orders to accommodate the specific requirements of each client. Situated in a thriving industrial hub just 25 kilometers from the heart of Melbourne, EMT enjoys convenient access to essential suppliers and transportation facilities, significantly minimizing potential delays and associated costs. With a perfect blend of creativity and extensive experience, EMT ensures that your project is executed precisely as envisioned, delivered on schedule, and within budgetary constraints.