PROJECT: M+ Museum of Visual Culture
Hong Kong

Hidai Nankoku’s WORK exhibit

M+ Museum of Visual Culture
Hong Kong
European Museum Technology

Hidai Nankoku, A second-generation calligrapher, was one of the most audacious practitioners of this form in post-war Japan.

The art piece called Work is an ink painting on paper of monumental scale, not unlike a painting on canvas. Nankoku created this piece during a performance at Yushima Seido, a temple in Tokyo in August 1964, a physically demanding act given the large format of the Work.

To correctly display and protect the enormous but delicate art piece, the M+ Museum required an exceptionally large, custom-designed showcase using non-reflective glass.

Work is 4.63m high and 3.5 meters wide and requires two glass panels weighing more than 300 kg each.

EMT worked closely with the M+ Design team, engineered the appropriate showcase solution and coordinated the fabrication in their Melbourne facilities. Subsequently, the showcase was transported to and assembled on-site at the Hong Kong location.

The large glass panel doors were installed using Quattrolifts architectural glass installation equipment, which the museum acquired for future glass installation projects.