Museum Showcases and Display Cases for Museums, Art Galleries and Private Collectors

Museum showcases

Museum Showcases and Display Cases for Museums, Art Galleries and Private Collectors

Exceeding Expectations through Visionary Solutions and Flawless Execution

European Museum Technology (EMT) specializes in the creation, engineering, production, and installation of museum showcases, display cases, and architectural glass installations. They cater to renowned international museums, art galleries, and private collectors, providing custom-made pieces tailored to their specific requirements.

With over two decades of experience collaborating closely with the demanding international museum community, EMT has developed a deep understanding and profound respect for the distinctive needs and elevated standards prevalent in this field.

As a global enterprise, EMT has successfully undertaken projects in various locations worldwide, including Singapore, Dubai, Paris, Melbourne, and Hobart, among numerous other sites across continents. Their reputation for meticulous attention to detail, adaptability in design, and expertise in managing multifaceted projects of varying sizes has garnered them the trust of museum curators, exhibit designers, and architects globally.

EMT’s guiding principle revolves around delivering exceptional museum-grade showcases and related artifacts, with a strong emphasis on engineering excellence, impeccable aesthetics, optimal preservation of valuable items, and ensuring the safety of the viewing public, all while meticulously adhering to the intricate requirements specified by museums.

The committed team at European Museum Technology takes great pride in their extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience in designing, fabricating, and maintaining showcases and display units that meet European Museum Standards. They are dedicated to serving as a dependable partner in safeguarding and presenting some of the world’s most treasured artifacts.